How pro-Palestinians are using ‘Algospeak’ to dodge social media scrutiny and disseminate hateful rhetoric

Have you ever seen a post on social media that uses emojis, asterisks or code words to talk about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict? If so, you might have encountered what some activists call “Algospeak” – a secret language that helps them evade social media policies and algorithms. CLICK TO GET KURT’S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY … Read more

At least 50 kidnapped in Cameroon by gunmen of unknown origin

At least 50 people were kidnapped in two separate incidents over two days in northern Cameroon, local authorities said Tuesday. The kidnappings occurred Sunday and Monday afternoons by an unknown armed group near the border with Chad, the mayor of Touboro town, Celestin Yandal, told The Associated Press. Seven people have been released so far. … Read more

Dementia’s staggering financial cost is revealed in new report: It’s ‘bankrupting families’

A great deal of emphasis is placed on the emotional and mental impact of dementia — but a new study from the University of Michigan highlights the financial burden it puts on families as well. Among people who were diagnosed with dementia, out-of-pocket health care costs more than doubled within the first eight years, researchers … Read more

AI fakes are everywhere — how to spot them

Tom Hanks isn’t trying to sell you a dental plan. YouTuber MrBeast won’t give you an iPhone 15. CBS news host Gayle King isn’t recommending a weight-loss product. I knew this stage of AI tomfoolery was coming, but it’s still surprising how fast it’s happening. Let’s take a closer look at how free and cheap … Read more

Cold and flu season is coming: Know the warning signs and symptoms now

“Game of Thrones” may be over, but winter is still coming. That means the dreaded cold and flu season is right around the corner.  “A visit with a clinician has become increasingly common for upper respiratory symptoms since the COVID pandemic,” Mark Fendrick, M.D., a general internist at the University of Michigan, who is based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, … Read more

Costa Rica investigating theft of $6.1M from national bank

Costa Rica is investigating the theft of 3.3 billion colons ($6.1 million) in cash from its national bank, the largest bank robbery in the country’s history, anti-corruption authorities confirmed Tuesday. The money was noticed missing from bank vaults three weeks ago, but the robbery itself must have taken place in August, or earlier, said Jaime … Read more