Mediterranean diet could help reduce belly fat and muscle loss caused by aging, study finds

What is a vegan diet? Curious about becoming a vegan? Here is what you need to know about the vegan diet. The Mediterranean diet could be the key to blasting belly fat. A new study from the Prevención con Dieta Mediterránea-Plus (PREDIMED-Plus) revealed that the Mediterranean diet, partnered with physical activity, can counter aging-related body … Read more

ISIS-linked rebels kill at least 26 in Congolese city

Extremists with ties to the Islamic State group killed at least 26 people in eastern Congo, authorities said on Tuesday. Attackers with the Allied Democratic Forces killed people in the city of Oicha in North Kivu province on Monday, said Beni Charles Ehuta Omeonga, the military administrator for the area. “Among the victims were seven … Read more

How to leave a video message on FaceTime with iOS 17

The latest iPhone software update, iOS 17, has come out with a new nifty feature that allows you to send a ‘video voicemail’ if the person you’re trying to FaceTime doesn’t pick up. Here’s how it works. CLICK TO GET KURT’S FREE CYBERGUY NEWSLETTER WITH SECURITY ALERTS, QUICK VIDEO TIPS, TECH REVIEWS, AND EASY HOW-TO’S … Read more

At least 1 sailor dead, 4 missing after cargo ships crash off German coast

Two cargo ships collided in the North Sea on Tuesday, roughly 14 miles from the German island of Helgoland. The British-flagged Verity sank soon after the collision, potentially taking five crewmembers with it, while the Bahamas-flagged Polsie and all of its crew survived. Currents and visibility issues have significantly complicated rescue and recovery efforts on … Read more

How stressed-out parents are now navigating parenthood with ChatGPT

Whether you’re a new parent or a seasoned one, we know how stressful and challenging it can be to raise children in this fast-paced and ever-changing world. Many parents today are looking for ways to leverage technology to enhance their parenting skills and support their children’s development. Whether it’s homework help, reading recommendations, healthy screen … Read more

Breast cancer breakthrough: AI predicts a third of cases prior to diagnosis in mammography study

Artificial intelligence could have the capability to pinpoint cancer diagnoses a lot sooner. A new study published in the journal Radiology last week noted that AI helped predict one-third of breast cancer cases up to two years prior to diagnosis. The research surveyed imaging data and screening information from BreastScreen Norway exams performed from January … Read more

US removes mention of Iran from draft UN resolution on Israel-Hamas war over Russian demands

A U.S.-sponsored draft resolution on the Israel-Hamas war that was expected to be voted on at the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday includes no mention of Iran, the main patron of the Hamas and Hezbollah terror organizations.  The original draft resolution had called on Iran to stop funding terror groups, according to a Saturday … Read more